Rare Issues:
In 1977 Marvel experimented with a higher price run of their comics to see if a 35¢ comic would sell.  The 35¢ Star Wars #1 with UPC code (or Newsstand cover) is the rarest of all Marvel Star Wars issues.  Approximately 1,500 were printed with only an estimated 400 surviving to date and only a handful of those being in NM/MT condition.  Sol Brodsky, former head of Marvel Comics, in a letter to a collector of these rare issues stated that the 35¢ run of comics published between June 1977 and October 1977 were distributed to six test market cities in North America.
Reprint Issues:
Reprints are noted by the word REPRINT that runs along the spine of the book inside of the logo box (see image on right), the phrase "THIS IS A REPRINT OF A PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ISSUE" on the inside (see image below), or in both locations.

The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide states that issues #1-9 were reprinted and that they should have the word reprint "in the upper lefthand corner of cover or on inside or price and number inside a diamond with no date or UPC on cover".

The problem is that not all Diamond issues are reprints.  Much like their Newsstand counterparts the Diamond printings of issues #1 through #6 have both original and reprint versions.  This lack of knowledge on the part of Overstreet has lead to many misunderstandings in the collecting community.  Issues after #6 are not reprints, but are part of normal Diamond series which, as with all Diamond issues, are the same printing as the Newsstand issues but with modified covers to denote that these issues were not distributed through Curtis Circulation to newsstand clients. The primary client for these Diamond issues was the Western Publishing Company which distributed Diamond issues in their Whitman three-packs.  Unlike Newsstand issues which could be returned if unsold, the Diamond issues could not be returned and the cover modification was Marvel's way of marking these issues.

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