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CGC Page Quality Chart

Here is a chart of the various CGC page colors I've come across "in the wild". I would be interested in scans of any CGCed books that have page color/grade combinations not found on the chart (for future inclusion).
2Off-White to White10.
4Light Tan to White                         
5Light Tan to Off-White
6Light Tan  9.8   9.0   7.06.5 5.55.0 4.0        
7Pink to White                         
8Pink to Off-White                         
9Pink to Light Tan                         
10Pink 6.05.5  4.03.5       
11Cream to White                         
12Cream to Off-White
13Cream to Light Tan  6.56.0 5.0          
14Cream to Pink    9.4 9.0   7.0   5.0          
16Tan to White                         
17Tan to Off-White    
18Tan to Light Tan                         
19Tan to Pink   9.6                     
20Tan to Cream  9.8       7.0              
22Dark Tan to White                         
23Dark Tan to Off-White    3.5       
24Dark Tan to Light Tan                         
25Dark Tan to Pink                         
26Dark Tan to Cream                         
27Dark Tan to Tan                         
28Dark Tan                         
29Slightly Brittle 
30Brittle              5.0

Pink pages?

Books manufactured with Pink paper tend to be noted as such on the CGC label.

As an owner of about 200 Fox books, I can confirm two things (1) between 1939-1947 Fox did use "tinted" paper at times, the colors I've seen are pinks, blues, and greys; and (2) In late 1947 Victor Fox bought his own paper mill and produced his own paper. Some of this paper tends to turn pink (rather unevenly in spots) because it absorbs the inks from the facing pages (and it also tends to bleed through to discolor the opposite sides). You can often find Fox books with splotches of red on the outside of the front covers because its pulled the red ink printing from the inside front cover completely through (later Fox books had the first page of story printed on the inside front cover using black and a single color, usually red). This absorbtion of the inks will often discolor the pages with a pink hue, hence the Cream to Pink designation you'll find on some CGCed Fox books.

Shouldn't "light tan" be above "tan" and below "cream"?

Based on the CGC page color schema of listing edge color to interior color (or a single color if both are the same), the ranking of Light Tan above Cream would appear to be correct. The first color (edge color) is almost always the darker color due to the nature of oxidation and that the edges are more exposed to air than the interior portion of the page.

I have yet to see a label that states "Light Tan to Cream Pages", but there are many examples of "Cream to Light Tan Pages" which taken in context of other labels...

Off-White to White Pages
Light Tan to Off-White Pages
Cream to Light Tan Pages

...would indicate that Cream is a worse condition than Light Tan.

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